Cultural Experience


Walking through Boonwurrung country being immersed into the culture through a smoking ceremony, learning about our creators, ancestors, traditions, bush foods, medicine and our 6 traditional seasons.

Cultural Walks

1.5 hours

Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Immerse yourselves in an Intimate cultural experience, with our founder and director Boonwurrung Man, Jaeden Williams. Jaeden takes you on an intimate journey to help create a deeper connection with yourself, mother earth and the magical history and traditions of Boonwurrung Country, inclusive on Werribee river, inland Melbourne across the two great bays, Nairm (Port Phillip) and (Merrin) Westernport, to (Wamoon) Wilson’s promontory.

He does this through ancient cleansing ceremonies, magical stories and language, engaging in the knowledge of the six seasons, sharing the importance of place and the uses of plants, trees, stars and the moon.

If requested we can include:
Traditional Songmen, Songwomen and dancers
Traditional food experiences

Custom bookings are welcome.

Cultural Walks

1 hour

St Kilda

Starting with a smoking ceremony at St Kilda Botanical Gardens you will be guided through St Kilda, learning about the history of the landscape, language, foods and seasons of the Boonwurrung.

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