Primary & Secondary School

Specialised learning workshops for Primary and Secondary aged students

We facilitate educational workshop for our future generations focused on teaching the history and values of Melbourne’s First Peoples, the Boonwurrung, and in turn Melbourne’s rich history. Our Programs are fun, engaging and are committed to celebrating our continuous vibrant living culture, more importantly the significance of Our Shared History. And we absolutely enjoy tailoring each workshop to your request.

Primary & Secondary School

Marram Biik (I Am)

Marram Biik is an interactive wellbeing seminar led by Jaeden Williams with the focus on Secondary students connecting to their spirit and country. We discuss the importance of self love, how trauma works and how we can prevent and address these things through awareness and encouragement to ask for help.

Primary & Secondary School

Boonwurrung seasons

In this workshop we embody the spirit of the Boonwurrung, we provide costumes and interactive storytelling to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors through the traditional seasons. There are 6 Boonwurrung seasons and we relive the season according to when the workshop is being held.

Primary & Secondary School

Boonwurrung Curriculum

4 sequential hourly Workshops form a Boonwurrung curriculum, teaching the children everything from Boonwurrung Language, Nature, Seasons, Dance, Colours and teaching them their connection to country and spirit. If interested please contact us for more info.

Primary & Secondary School

Boonwurrung Wellness

In this 50 minute session we engage the bubup(kids) to connect with their spirit and Mother earth, we support them adding tools to their tool kit on how best to connect with themselves and their environment.

Primary & Secondary School

Intro to Boonwurrung Culture

Our Introduction to Boonwurrung workshop is $600; it runs for an hour and involves up to 30 children. In it, we teach Boonwurrung Acknowledgements, introduction to language and an interactive role-playing of the Creation Story. We also provide two learning resources to be used following.

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