Womindjeka mirambeek burndap birrarung-ga Boonwurrung Biik munda-ngat wurneet-bollok, Biik bindjirru bullarto nairm-ba merrin.

Welcome to our beautiful Country, the land of the Boonwurrung, the land of the sacred rivers and the two great bays.

Boonwurrung land extends from the Werribee River through Melbourne, along the coast of Port Phillip Bay and Western Port, all the way to Wilsons Promontory.

Our Country was created by Bundjil, who travels as a wedge-tailed eagle, and is protected by Waa, who travels as a crow.

Bundjil taught the Boonwurrung to always welcome guests, but he required the Boonwurrung to ask all visitors to make two promises: to look after the land and the water, and to look after the children of Bundjil.

The laws of Bundjil have been the spirit of this land from before time began.

The Boonwurrung People are made up of six clans that are spread across this beautiful Country.

Yalukut Wilam

Yaluk-ut ‘river’ Wilam ‘home’ East of Werribee River, Williamstown, Melbourne City, Avondale Heights, St Kilda to Brighton

Ngaruk Wilam

Ngaruk ‘rocky’ / ‘stony’ Wilam ‘home’ Brighton, Mordialloc, Dandenong, and between Mt Martha and Mt Eliza

Mayune Buluk

Mayune (local place name) Buluk (people) Carrum Swamp, ‘Mayune’ station

Boonwurrung Buluk

Boon ‘no’ Wurrung ‘language’ Buluk ‘people’ Point Nepean and Cape Schanck

Yaluk Buluk

Yaluk ‘vast wetlands’ Buluk ‘people’ Bass River, Tooradin

Yawen Djirra

Yawen / Djirra is a plural marker 'Two Men' Tarwin River to Wilsons Promontory

Boonwurrung People are part of the eastern Kulin nation, alongside Wadawurrung, Woi Wurrung, Daung Wurrung and Djadjawurrung. Wurrung means ‘language’, and Kulin means ‘the people’. There are approximately thirty-eight language groups in Victoria, with estimates of around 60,000 people before the British invaded.

Boonwurrung Country has six Seasons.

Our true summer is known as Bullarto nye-wilynth, which means plenty of sun.

True Spring is known as Pareip

Late summer is known as Weegabil nye-wiiny, which means old man sun.

Winter is known as Beerreen, which means no more sun.

Boonwurrung Country has six Seasons.

Summer rain is known as Gareeal, which means rain.

Autumn is known as Manemeet, which means good.

Bundjil the Creator

Long ago, before he was a wedge-tailed eagle, Bundjil was a very powerful, magical man. He was the head of the Kulin. Bundjil had two wives, who were beautiful black swans, a son named Binbeal, and two brothers, Baliyang and Booergoen.

Bundjil traveled around carrying with him a large spear. With this, he carved the land, cut open the rivers, shaped the mountains, created the oceans, and gave life to the animals. When he had finished, he then created men.

Bundjil’s brother Baliyang had the power to control the rivers, the creeks, and oceans, as well as all creatures living within the depth of these waters. With this power, through the depths of sandy waters, Baliyang created women.

After finishing their creations, Bundjil and Baliyang found themselves in a great storm. The strong winds lifted them upwards, far away into the stars, where they watched over the land, the waters and the people.