Our Vision

We envision a world where Boonwurrung ancestors are acknowledged and respected. We strive to ensure that the good work of N'Arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM is upheld and continued. Our mission is to ensure that future generations of the Boonwurrung are understood and accepted as the First People of Melbourne, and the rest of Boonwurrung Country.

We invite all visitors to proudly share in Boonwurrung history, culture, and connection to Country. Our vision is to share Boonwurrung culture as a foundational part of our ongoing story. 

Our Work

Australia's First Carbon Neutral Kindergarten

2019 / Albert Park Preschool

We helped to develop Australia's First Carbon Neutral Kindergarden through embedding Boonwurrung language and culture in the Kindergarten's philosophy, in 2019.

Naming of a Star and Exoplanet in Boonwurrung

We engaged with and shared Boonwurrung language to students at Haileybury Brighton ELC who then entered and won the Name ExoWorlds competition name a star and exoplanet. The Haileybury entry used Boonwurrung words; Australia’s star HD 38283 in the constellation Mensa is named Bubup (child) and the exoplanet is named YanYan (boy).

Welcome to Country, Opening of the Visitors Hub at the Town Hall of Melbourne

City of Melbourne - 2018

Led the Welcome to Country with the Mayor of Melbourne to celebrate the opening of the Visitors Hub at the Town Hall for the City of Melbourne in August 2018.

Our Story

Jaeden Williams a proud Yalukit Willam man of the Boonwurrung; founder and director of Biik Bundjil, a Boonwurrung educational organisation; and managing director of Only Freshies Apparel, a Boonwurrung-led clothing brand.

My passion for teaching Boonwurrung connection to Country through sharing Boonwurrung history, language, and culture with people from diverse backgrounds is a common theme that underpins all my work.