Our Testimonials

Discover Biik Bundjil: Experience the transformative power of our storytelling and cultural ambassadorship, with captivating narratives and ceremonies that foster a deep connection to the history and culture of our nation's first people. Join us on this inspiring journey of education and connection as we celebrate the lasting impressions Biik Bundjil and Jaeden leave on our community.

Biik Bundjil

Thank you, Jaeden! Your presentation was amazing. I really enjoyed it when you shared your intriguing knowledge. The way you teach is incredibly fun, calling us bubups was my favourite part. It was interactive, fun and listening to stories is fantastic. I really recommend it for all kids. It also changed my mindset, and now I am going to do many things differently to make me and others happier.

- Coco, Year 7 Student

We had such an amazing workshop with Jaeden Williams. There were nearly 70 people who attended the workshop, with children as young as 10 months old. Jaeden skillfully held the attention of all the young Bubups for a whole hour of storytelling, language, acknowledgement, interactive stories and ritual. The children loved Jaedens engaging stories and larger than life energy. Everyone was particularly moved by the smoking ceremony and we could tell that it touched the hearts of the children. An experience they won't ever forget. We are very excited to have Jaeden guide us on our learning journey into Boonwurrung culture and look forward to his next visit.

- Jake, Yarraville Sacred Place Family Day Care

Early Learning

Jaeden Williams visited our Centre recently and gave us the gift of culture. He is a fantastic storyteller and managed to hold the attention of very young children for almost an hour! By the end of his visit, we had a better understanding, appreciation and respect for the first people of the land where our Centre sits in the Melbourne CBD. Jaeden brought the history and culture of the Boonwurrung people to life. Our community has never been the same since!

- Sentia Early Learning

Children and Educators were inspired by Jaeden’s passion for sharing the rich and continuing culture of our nation’s first people. We felt privileged and grateful to be involved in A Welcome to Country with Jaeden. The children particularly loved the smoking ceremony and the creation story. They loved being able to recreate the story with Jaeden. They enjoyed being able to participate in a meaningful and hands-on way; through dancing, singing and drama. It was great to hear from some of our families that the children enjoyed sharing their new knowledge with their families. We look forward to continuing working with Jaeden to increase our knowledge of Boonwurrung language and culture. We are thankful to the traditional owners of the land and are committed to honouring Bunjil’s law; respecting and caring for the land and children.

- Kylie, North Brighton Kindergarten

Primary School

I attended Jaeden’s presentation as part of a PD conference and he was captivating. His passion for educating others about country and culture was extremely enjoyable to be a part of. He shared creation stories, language and educated us in a manner that was inviting and highly entertaining. I am looking forward to learning more from Jaeden in the future and getting him in to present to our students.

- Laura Collins, Elwood Primary School

"The speech by the Indigenous Australian man was a truly engaging experience. His captivating style kept me focused and entertained throughout. He shared key indigenous words and terms, allowing me to expand my understanding of his culture. It was a reminder of the importance of embracing their culture and learning from different perspectives. I really enjoyed this." 

- Luke - Year 9, Albert Park College

Boonwurrung Wellness

“Dear Jaeden,

Thank you for your visit. It was really refreshing to have such a different and real, perspective and workshop, to what we usually have. I found many truths, and had many realisations during your talk. The world needs more of people like you so keep preaching.  

I loved how comfortable you are with who you are, and how comfortable you were with us, it made a very safe environment, and I loved how you explained your concepts. Very easy, simple to understand, and yet you convey the big picture very clearly.  

People in the world need the raw versions of humanity. Everyone is so used to the people around them having all these guards and walls up, it’s so important to have someone get through to people and speak the truth, and that is the experience I felt I had with you.  

Hope to see you talk at our school and in the community more in the future, thanks so much again.  

All the best, Lily Marx!” 

- Marram Biik - Lily Marx, Year 9, Mount Eliza Secondary College

Thank you for coming and welcoming our year level to the country. Your positive attitude was a very welcoming environment for everyone. I think everyone will take on your advice to go and hug a tree. It will help my year group with their mental health. We are all very grateful for your coming and talking to us.

- Anonymous, Year 7 Student

First Peoples Awareness

I was very fortunate to see Jaeden Williams at the Bundjil’s Nest Conference in Balnarring. His Smoking Ceremony along with his yarning sessions were incredibly captivating and informative. Jaeden was very knowledgeable and generous in providing us with resources and Language for the education sector. It was from this PD that we have decided to build an ongoing relationship with Jaeden for our ELC to embed First Nations’ perspectives in a culturally safe and inclusive manner.

- Sakan Pyseth, Lead Educator at Haileybury Newlands ELC

Jaeden's gift for bringing stories alive and involving the audience makes his workshops highly engaging; educational of Boonwurrung ways of knowing, being and doing; and a celebration of learning from First Nations' wisdom's.

- Lisa Hunter (PHD), School of Curriculum, Faculty of Education - Monash University